A partner in your projects

Regardless of the stage of your project or the problems encountered, our technicians are available free of charge 7 days a week to guide your ventilation team in setting up a high-performance ventilation system design and in evaluating the necessary parts.

During your project, we will deliver quality products in the desired time frame. We will follow you in the progress of your project to ensure the optimization of the performance of the proposed design. In order to improve the management of your project costs, we offer you our expertise in inventory management according to the progress of the operation.

Custom design

Aware that sometimes the field dictates the rules, we offer a custom design service to meet specific characteristics that cannot be met by our standard products.

Our consultants and our team will work with you to develop the missing part of your design and ensure its timely manufacturing.

Transport and delivery

We offer direct shipping from our factory to your site, so that we can deliver orders on time and return material to our factory if necessary. We ship orders internationally by sea in 40-foot containers or by land, depending on the destination. Our unique “U” shaped duct delivery process allows us to deliver up to 300 pieces of conduit (700 meters) per truck. The maximum capacity per container is 240 pipes (550 meters).


At Mecanicad, we believe that the performance of a ventilation system depends on the quality of its installation. With experience in many Canadian and international mines, our technical support is based on an experienced team of experts who have also evolved with the product since its creation.

No matter where your project is located, we will send a technician to train your employees to install Mécanicad ducts. Although our products are easy to install, your teams will benefit from a short in-house training and field assistance that will allow them to be efficient quickly.

To ensure continuity in the training of your teams, we will provide you with a training and detailed installation procedures video that you can view online at any time in the VIP Zone.

Performance monitoring

If needed, our team of experts offers the service of evaluating the performance of your ventilation network by assessing the quality of the installation, the volume and the airflow using specialized and calibrated equipment. This allows your ventilation engineering team to properly plan the air requirements for the further development of your mining or tunneling project. If any anomalies are identified, we will conduct a review of the affected ventilation line to find solutions to restore the desired performance.

Rental of ventilation containers

Using a container to ventilate your underground project is the turnkey ventilation solution, optimized to meet your requirements. We will custom build a ventilation container that will allow you to start your portal to your desired ventilation specifications. Afterwards, the ventilation container can be easily moved and reused underground or at the entrance of the ventilation raise.

In combination with the Mecanicad ventilation ducts, it is possible to conduct air over 2,000 meters without adding an auxiliary fan. This will allow you to plan the excavation of the ventilation raise later in your project and reduce your start-up costs.